Vertisa Glass lamination Autoclave Systems

VERTISA autoclaves are a worldwide reference in
industries such as Glass Lamination, Medical Waste, Automotive,
Tire Retreading, Food, Pharmaceutical, Textile,
Composite, Rubber Curing and Construction.


Glass lamination Autoclave Systems

VERTISA autoclave windshields and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins or any laminate for buildings and other architectural solutions. These autoclaves feature the latest technology to provide full control of the process. Glass lamination is achieved by heating the air inside the autoclave using electrical resistances or steam. Hot air is evenly distributed thanks to an electro-ventilator to achieve maximum temperature homogeneity in all areas. Likewise, a water cell cools the environment at the end of the cycle to lower.

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Our Products

Today, VERTISA will be a reliable partner that can
tackle these challenges anywhere in the world.

Glass Lamination

Glass Lamination Autoclave Systems

Tire Coating Autoclave

Tire Coating Autoclave Systems

Concrete Autoclave

Building Materials Autoclave System / AAC Aerated Concrete Autoclave System

Composite Autoclave

Composite Autoclave Systems

Vulcanized Autoclave

Vulcanized Autoclave/Rubber Autoclave

Food and Textile Autoclave

Food and Textile Autoclave System

Our Technology

VERTISA has devoted a large part of its resources and R&D to research the potential of these
new materials and to become a leading company at the national and international level in the
research of these materials and their industrial applications.

Glass Lamination Autoclave Systems


Composite Autoclave Systems


Tire Coating Autoclave Systems


Building Materials Autoclave System


Food and Textile Autoclave System


Vulcanized Autoclave / Rubber Autoclave